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Crushing Kindle Marketing & Visibility Study

“Ellen’s comment about doing the research BEFORE doing the writing made sense –(so) I sat down with her (and) it was worth every, single, penny! When she grasped the concept of my book, she got really excited and in seconds gave me exactly what the title should be.
Doing the research at that point in the book was phenomenal. I had to do a lot of re-writing to incorporate the new title throughout the book, but if I’d waited till I was done, it would have taken me an extra month or two to get the book out! And the title….
I’ve had people repeatedly walk up to me and tell me that they bought the book SOLELY because of the title. It’s expressive, and easy to remember and share. It makes sense, and goes over extremely well.
I never would have been far enough away from the book emotionally to find the right title and I’m so, so, so grateful that I worked with Ellen early in the process to make a difference in my book!!”
Stephanie Scheller

#1 Best-Selling Author Friend Power

“In a short amount of time Ellen was able to use her magic to come up with the perfect title for my book. It’s not all magic. She has a system that deciphers what key words are best to give the benefits and the emotional connection you need to hook your buyer.

I will be using more of Ellen’s services to get my new book out there.”

Mary DeYon

Author, speaker, teacher

3 Days Bestseller Program

“Need to author an e-Book and don’t know where to start? Look no further! This step-by-step home-study course is just what you need. I know – I am proof. I recently completed a 98-page e-Book, just by following (in order) each session.
I am not a writer and intensely dislike writing. Previously purchasing this course, I placed it aside to use later. “Later” was now here. I had to write my e-Book. I decided to face the situation and see if this course did what it said it would do. It did!
When I began, all I knew was the subject matter of the e-Book. I had no clue how to start, where to start, what to do, nothing. Using this study guide, I started at the beginning completing each session in order. This study course is easy to follow and because of that, I did not feel like I was writing an e-Book. When I was done with the course, I had one!
I still do not enjoy writing. Now, though, I feel empowered and will use this guide again to author future e-Books.”
Larry Lang

Twin Falls, Idaho Website Empowerment Coach www.elitewebstrategies.com

“When I found …3 Days to eBook Cash…I had already been writing for 2 decades. The problem was that much of my work sat unpublished, doing nothing…

In just 3 days, Ellen helped me get my 5 years worth of passion into an ebook and selling on amazon Kindle and my website.

From title to testimonials, this (program) spares no detail!

…In fact, the strategies I learned helped propel my book, A D.R.E.A.M Comes True: 5 Steps to Planning and Creating Your Personal Success Story NOW! To the #1 Free Spirituality New Age Reference book on Amazon Kindle.

I truly want to thank you for everything. …If you dream of being a published author, if you want to write an eBook but don’t think you can, or if you just want to do it the right way the first time, you can’t go wrong with Ellen! “

KishaLynn Elliott

This Stuff’s Working! Coaching Author of the #1 Bestseller A D.R.E.A.M Comes True: 5 Steps to Planning and Creating Your Personal Success Story Now!

As soon as I got the 3-Day eBook course, I was amazed at how much material Ellen covered and how in-depth she went.

I had no idea there were 12 ways to write a title and rewrote mine several times even though I thought I already had a good one.

I was also excited that I could get so much accomplished when I set the time aside to write my book in 12 hours.

Then, when it came to finishing my book, I couldn’t believe Ellen included everything from marketing to publishing. Now I’m confident my book has all the elements to be successful, thanks to Ellen

Dr. Sue Massimo

Best-selling Author & Sports Psychology Consultant

This was a great course! Ellen tells you all she can possibly share to help you succeed. It feels so good to accomplish an ebook in a weekend.
Thanks Ellen!

Muriel Stickney

Life Success Consultants

Ellen, you saved me! I had this e-book in my head for four years and I just couldn’t get it out onto paper. It was driving me crazy! Thank you! Thank you!!!
Karoleen Fober

Author of The Personal Energy Factor: The Smart Guide to Getting What You Want!

Huge thanks for everything you have shared….it has helped me ENORMOUSLY!
For months, I’ve been struggling, but here I have found SO many answers!. What I’ve gained out of this course is worth a million dollars to me!”
Lyn Jansen Van Vuuren

Ellen your ROCK! I did more than write an “Ebook In 72 Hours”, I broke through writing blocks and launched my business program!
It was worth 10X’s what I paid –
Thank you!
Valena Hunley

Conscious Living

This was an awesome course. Ellen will take you thru the steps to help you discover your passions then show you how to research them for maximum profitability. Then you will embark on the journey of writing an e-book in 3 days, sound impossible, not the way Ellen teaches you. So if you have ever wanted to write anything this is the place to start.

Gary W. Turner


#1 Bestseller eBook Launch
Secrets Program (DIY)

In over 15 years of marketing on the Internet, I’ve hired a lot of so-called experts, and most of the time, I’ve been sorely disappointed because I could have done it better myself. But, working with Ellen was different; she was amazing! She was totally invested in my success, prodding me, supporting me, and answering my questions whenever I needed it.
And, it was an amazing experience to see my book, ARGUE LESS, LOVE MORE, become a #1 Amazon Kindle Bestseller in FIVE categories. I only wish I had let her and her team do more! It would have been cheaper, faster, and less stress for me. So, if you’re serious about becoming a #1 bestselling author on Amazon, I highly recommend hiring Ellen and her team. I’d work with her again in a heartbeat! ”
Paul Sterling

5-Category #1 Best-Selling Author, Argue Less, Love More, 5 Communication Secrets for Couples Who Want L

“Ellen knows her stuff! Sign up with her today! I made #1 bestseller within hours of my book launch!!”
Amy Simatos

#1 Best-Selling Author, From Zero to Sales Hero, How to Double Your Sales and Income in Less Than 90 Days

“Ellen is smart, confident and a real go-getter when it comes to developing your e-book, publishing, and profiting from it.
In fact, by hiring Ellen a second time, she launched my e-book on Amazon, and it became a #1 Amazon best seller in a very crowded personal-development market.
Working closely with Ellen, I learned the keys to sequencing a successful Amazon launch and how to profit from bestseller status. Without hesitation, Ellen is a delight to work with and provides results for best seller status.”
Jackie Ruka

#1 Bestselling Author Get Happy and Create a Kick-Butt Life: A Creative Toolbox to Rapidly Activate the Life You Deserve!

Ellen Violette, you’re a GENIUS!!! I could not have done it without you! You know what you’re doing and are CUT OUT for helping people succeed!!! You have me sitting on a cloud right now and walking on air with excitement. Love you!!!”
Gerri Chambers

Paycheck to Prosperity (TM) & 2-Time Best-Selling Author

“Heartiest thanks to Ellen Violette for her expert coaching in tweaking my book title to include a most valuable search word, AND to her valuable information-sharing in helping launch my e-book…She was an integral member of our team that elevated “My Husband Died, Now What? A Widows Guide to Grief Recovery & Smart Financial Decisions to Amazon #1 Bestseller!!”
Debra Morrison

#1 Bestselling Author

“What is the secret to launching a number one best-selling eBook on Amazon Kindle? From my experience, it was the step-by-step strategy in Ellen Violette’s Best-Seller eBook Launch Training. For me, the journey to best-selling author began with a clear and focused goal. Ellen coached me on Kindle categories and keywords. Working with others in her Mastermind group, I received help and encouragement. Thank you, Ellen, your strategic roadmap enabled me to achieve my goal of number one!”
Elaine Christine

Elaine Christine Ph.D. author,#1 Best-Seller, The Peace Prophecy Star Child: What The Soul Said About God, Truth, And The Heavenly Origin Of Humanity

Bestseller Profit Accelerator VIP Coaching

I crowdfunded a book for the first time and wanted to pre-sell a large number of books in a few short weeks. Ellen Violette came on board as my book strategist and we met the pre-sale goal! Ellen was awesome in helping get Conversion Equation the pre-sales it needed to get a book deal with an advance and a respected publisher. She was creative with strategies, made great introductions, and helped customize my marketing campaign to appeal to the target market, and was in communication with me the entire time. I highly recommend working with Ellen!

Terri Levine, Ph.D.

Turbocharge Your Business

I had to tell you how impressed I am with your knowledge and how you break down a technical subject into an easy to understand user friendly way. I greatly appreciate your coaching and help and think that youre saving me hundreds of hours and many thousands of dollars in time and expense.
Thank you,
Dr. Alan Rosenthal


Business Consultations
“It has been many years that I have been receiving your e-mails, training suggestions, advice, and a ton of techniques for writng an e-book. All I can say is, Your Are The Number 1 Expert when it comes to e-book writing. You have a multitude of various experiences that surely can help anyone serious in writing an e-book. You even go further than just the writing part … you even add more benefits in relation to marketing one’s e-book, earning profits, increasing profit margins, and all the ‘how-to’s’ in e-book engineering.
Sincere Congratulations to You, Ellen! Keep up the good work!
May you be blessed many times over for your personal and professional assistance.”


Rev. Dr. Garry

“I studied a ton of Internet marketers and didn’t get anywhere. It all sounded goodŠ but I couldn’t figure out how to implement any of it. There was too much hype, too much fluff, too much BS. “Make $5 million in 5 minutes, even if you know nothing and have the brains of a goldfish!” Yeah, right.

Then I found Ellen Violette. She is the real deal. She is practical, honest, and a genius at making complex things simple, understandable, and doable. She tells it like it is. Yes, you can make real money online – and, it’ll take hard work, planning, and time (though possibly less time than you think).

And Ellen walks her talk. If you’re even thinking about writing an ebook, do yourself a favor and study with Ellen first. She’ll save you time, money, heartbreak, and she’ll help you succeed online and make your book and your business into winners.”

Joy Livingwell

“Ellen Violette is a pioneer. She has filled a big gap and enhanced the quality-of-life of many frustrated authors. Her talent is exceptional, her delivery supreme. Her passion can infect her audience with the same exuberance and enthusiasm that she projects foreward. This is “cause for celebration” for all of us. “
Dr. Shoshana Margolin

Author of LET THE BODY SPEAK and LET THE BODY ASK www.NaturalTherapy.com (basic) www.QuantumTherapy.net email: natural.therapy@verizon.net

Book Publishing
“Thank you Ellen for being a true leader in the publishing and editing world. Your attention to detail and design of my first book proved that a dream of mine has become a reality. You are a true gem and a pleasure to have worked with you on this project.

If you want quality publishing and editing, Elleen Violette is your “GO TO PERSON”. As a motivational speaker, national trainer in the fields of Network Marketing and IRS Self Employed Tax Specialist, I needed a high lever publisher who could take my writing project to the next level…From Feasibility to Completion, Ellen made my book possible.”

Stephen T. Chatterton

Author: "BETTER THAN A TAXI? The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly Of RideSharing. National Trainer: GSGS TAX SEMINARS