The purpose of a non-fiction business book is to get your ideal clients and customers to know you , like you and trust you so they will do what you ask them to do next and that is to raise their hand and say “I want more.”

Once they do that, you want to get them to take the next step and get onto your email list or on a free consultation with an enticing name. you are selling your book from your website or giving it away as an ebook, you will already have their email address.

But, if they buy your book on Amazon or another third-party site, you have no idea who they are unless you find a way to move them from that site to your world, and the way you do that is by making an offer called a “call to action” inside your book that is so irresistible that they will give you their information.

Without one, buying your book puts a few dollars in your pocket, and that’s it; you’ve left the majority of the money you could make on the table.

What should you offer?

There are two kinds of offers and which one you use depends on how your book is laid out. If they need to read the book before they are can use your offer, then it will go in the back of your book. But, if your offer is something they can use throughout the book, then you might put it at the end of each chapter. It really depends on what the call to action is and how it relates to your text.

What’s the best way to come up with your call to action?

The best way to come up with your call to action is to create it first based on what you want your readers to do once they read your book, make sure it’s something of value, and then write the book so it leads right into it.

If your book is a lead magnet for your business, don’t let it be an afterthought. Give it the time and attention it demands so that you get the leads you want to grow your business.

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