The Hidden Benefits of Amazon Promotions

July 29, 2019

In this training, Ellen shares the advantages of using Amazon promotions that authors may not be aware of and why every author should use them.

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#1 Bestseller Launch Checklist, How to Gain Cedibility, Grow your eMail List and Increase Your Profits

Dennis G. Shaver, #1 Bestselling Author Video

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3 Key Points

You can become a #1 bestselling author very quickly and it doesn’t take a lot of technical skill

You get a lot of exposure (that many authors couldn’t get on their own)

You put a lot of positive energy into the universe, which can create opportunities from unexpected sources


Today I want to talk about the Hidden Benefits of Amazon Promotions.

Amazon promotions are one of my favorite strategies to use because you get the results so fast. They only take a day or two to start seeing them, they don’t take a lot of technical skill, they are repeatable, they are easy to do once you know how, and powerful because you can get massive exposure right out of the gate whether you’re a newbie or a savvy author.

And even if you are established you can get even more exposure with a large email list or relationships that you have cultivated with other influencers along the way.

But becoming a bestselling author, especially if you want it to get to #1 increase your credibility and expert status, while it’s increasing the results so when you promote your book on Amazon, three things happen if you do it right:

  1. You become a #1 bestselling author
  2. You get a lot of exposure
  3. You put a lot of positive energy into the universe, and getting a lot of exposure also includes that you can get on the #1 new release list and that gets you more exposure too.

So, these results increase your credibility and expert status increase the impact you can make in the world, and open doors to a lot of opportunities!

So, I want to talk about how you do them.

The free promotions can run from one to five days, they don’t have to run consecutively, and you can use all five days or any of your free days every 90 days, as long you give Amazon an exclusive during that time.

Now there are two advantages of starting with a free launch. 1) is that you provide value for free to your potential buyers of other products and services while creating urgency at the same time (and the reason is that this offer can only last from one to five days) and 2) there is a cottage industry that has grown up around these launches. So, there are over 100 announcement sites as well as Facebook and LinkedIn groups and other social media that will advertise your free book promotion at no cost. So, any author can reach a large audience within these parameters set by Amazon.

And when Amazon sees that people are buying your book and giving it great reviews, Amazon will also promote your book for you, and that’s how you get an even bigger audience. And, like I said, if it gets to be a #1 new release, that also brings in more sales and more exposure because potential buyers often go to that list to see what they want to purchase. And also, it will show up in the top 10 even though it’s the new releases, so generally, they’ll have #1 through # 10 but yours will show up in the middle anyway. (as an insert)

Now many people downplay the important of becoming a #1 bestselling author because a lot of time it only lasts an hour or two. (But, with the right promotion, it can stay a lot longer and we’ve had that happen many times because I do these launches for my clients all the time.)  But there is the adrenalin rush watching your book go to #1, and the instant gratification feels awesome, but it can boost your confidence, and that’s just for getting started! The truth is that it can be a stepping stone to much bigger opportunities that can totally transform your business and your life!

So, I want to share a few examples with some of the results we’ve had with some of our clients

Dennis G. Shaver’s book was The Entrepreneurial Incubator, Secrets to Getting Your Invention from Mind to Market, has been on the bestseller list since October of 2016, which keeps it in front of his audience making sales on a regular basis! I haven’t checked this week but usually, it’s there (and it was there for 2 ½ years straight after it first came out).

Soon after we launched it, Dennis created an online summit. He said that having the book gave him the confidence to reach out to influencers and they all agreed to present at his event.

Then, it captured the attention of Shark Tank’s Kevin Harrington at a conference that Dennis attended, and Kevin was so impressed with it, he decided to mentor Dennis. Next, Dennis got asked to speak at a live event in Singapore, fulfilling a lifetime dream! And you can hear more about some of his experiences at: (That is actually a video that we did together. That was quite a while ago, I’m sure he’s got a lot more to say now.)

Also, Gerry Chambers, author of Bossy, 8 Steps to Take You From Paycheck To Prosperity™ with a Home-Based Business. She landed on the Top 30 Entrepreneurs to Follow on Twitter in 2015 after we launched her book at the end of 2014 because a publicist saw the book on Twitter, loved it, and took her on as a client at no cost. Then, he promoted her to the tune of over 230,000 followers! So, she got a lot of influence and a lot of benefit very quickly.

Jackie Ruka, author of Get Happy and Create a Kick-Butt Life! A Creative Toolbox to Rapidly Activate the Life You Desire. She was featured in the Sunday Lifestyle section front page of the San Diego Tribune immediately after we launched her book to #1!

And then, more recently, three years after the release of her book, she was asked to be interviewed for the Mind, Body, Soul edition of another magazine and attracted a photographer and writer who want to market her. So, Jackie shared “You just never know who is going to want your expertise and when. And as a bestselling author, it gives you instant expert factor and credibility!”

Another client of mine, Andrew Rey, whose book, Entrepreneurial Money Secrets, Unlock the Power of Corporate Credit to Leverage Access to Business Capital became a #1 bestseller in six categories, and he told me that he had been trying to reach a big potential client for weeks to no avail, but once that person saw that Andrew was a #1 bestselling author, he returned Andrew’s call right away!

He’s now lined up to be a speaker at upcoming EmpowerCon Conference on August 31, 2019-this year. And he said that writing his book was “a game changer”.

I have also gotten many opportunities from my promotions that I’ve done as well. I. even got offered a publishing deal on one of them. So, you just never know what’s going to happen.

I also had been talking about doing a joint venture off and on for years with a colleague of mine, but it never materialized until after one of my book launches. At that point, she emailed me and asked me to set up a call on with her followers on how to become a #1 Amazon Bestseller and we made $1,600 for an hour of work!

I could go on and on with amazing stories of opportunities that my clients and I have received, but I think it’s clear, the exposure and opportunities you get from Amazon promotions are well worth your time!

 And there is another benefit as well that most authors aren’t aware of and it’s what happens energetically when you do an Amazon promotion. It sets you up to receive the benefits of the law of attraction. So, what happens is that you attract opportunities to you that sometimes come from completely unrelated sources from where you’re putting out the energy. In other words, someone may not even know that you are promoting a book on Amazon at the moment, but they are impressed to contact you and do business with you or refer business to you right at the time because you put out that energy!

So, if you want all the benefits that Amazon has to offer, be sure that you familiarize yourself with their promotional tools and decide to use them in your overall business strategy.  And to help you get started I have a free guide for you, it’s the #1 Bestseller Launch Checklist, How to Gain Credibility, Grow your eMail List and Increase Your Profits and you can get it at That’s

That’s it for this training and I hope you’ll listen to some of the other podcasts that we’ve done. We’ve got some amazing podcasts with some of the top people in their industries. I know, I’m learning a lot and I’m sure you will too.

And if you have any questions about doing Amazon promotions, you’re welcome to go to our Facebook group at

And I’m happy to answer your questions. Till next time, bye bye.


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