Books Open Doors Insights #22:The Best Way To Work Less And Make More Money Now

December 1, 2021

Too many coaches, content creators, speakers, founders, and entrepreneurs overcomplicate their marketing, which can lead to burn out, stress, poor health or worse.  In this training, Ellen Violette shares the simplest way to uncomplicate your marketing so you can work less, make more money, and have more fun doing it! 

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Rockstar Author’s Tool Kit

Book a Bestseller Breakthrough with Ellen Violette

3 Key Points

Creating more products, programs and/or services when you don’t have enough cashflow will create more complexity and not solve your cashflow problem.

You don’t need a million marketing tools, you just need a book and a high-ticket offer.

You can use a book many different ways to market your business; you don’t need a ton of lead-generation tools.


Ellen: Hi and welcome, you’re listening to Books Open Doors Insights #22. I’m your host, Ellen Violette. If you’re feeling stressed and overwhelmed in your business, like there’s always too much to do and not enough time to do it this training is for you . Let’s do this!

Music: Welcome to the Books Open Doors Podcast. Are you a mission-driven speaker, coach, consultant, thought leader, creative entrepreneur, or author who wants more credibility, financial abundance, and wants to make a bigger impact in the world and leave a lasting legacy, and who wants to have fun doing it? Then stay tuned for today’s inspiring podcast with your host, Ellen Violette.

Today I want to talk about simplifying your business and how becoming an author can help you do that and how you can make more money with less work and enjoy life more.

[1:00] So, here’s what most entrepreneurs think -that to make more money they have to add more complexity to their business.

More programs,
More services
More products.

And the less cash flow you have the more you’re inclined to add more, more, more.But it is unsustainable and eventually, you’re going to l burn out, you’re going to lose your health
or worse.And I know this from experience.

What happens at that point if you don’t quit, and many do, They say , “Okay, let’s get real here.” is that you start searching for a better way, which is great but it can also be
a minefield because it can lead to more Shiny Object Yyndrome looking for the magic bullet.

[1:47] But the truth is there is no magic bullet, but you do have to find what’s going to work for you.

There are strategies that work and some work better than others.And the market is always changing, so what works may not work next month or next year.

[2:05] So, it’s not like you find it and That’s it, you’re done.And that was a big mistake I made because when I first started my business, Teleseminar Secrets was the way that people were making a lot of money online.We didn’t even have webinars,videos, blogs, WordPress- any of that.And so I did that and it worked for several years until it didn’t.
And I didn’t change fast enough at that time and my business actually started to go down.

So you really need to stay on top of that and understand that the market is going to change and that you have to keep testing and tweaking. And there’s always going to be more work involved.
It’s not like you do something, you get it set up and that’s it, you’re done. It just doesn’t work that way, which I did not understand back then. And also, what works for one person doesn’t necessarily work for somebody else.

[3:04] So, you have to learn to play to your strengths and figure out what will work for you, and unfortunately, too many entrepreneurs do the opposite they look at their weaknesses and try to shore them up. But what you want to do is think about it why would you spend your time doing something you’re not good at when you can make a lot more money with a lot less aggravation doing what you’re good at and what you enjoy doing?

[3:28] So you have to figure out what that is…right? To determine this you have to look at what skills you have, what you enjoy doing, what you’re willing to do consistently and pick a few key strategies and then you need to understand your value and charge accordingly.

And you have to understand that the people who make the most money with the least effort have a high-ticket offer of at the very least $5,000 because it is a lot easier to get one person to pay you $5,000 than to get 500 people to pay you $10 or 200 people to pay you $25.

The challenge is that some people don’t feel comfortable chargeing $5,000.They don’t understand their value in the marketplace. And the truth is that you may not be able to get that right away
It depends on where you are in the business cycle. But to make at least $5,000 a client, you have to be able to solve a problem that your market has and is willing to pay for, and you have to be careful with that.

[4:36]. I was working with a client recently and he was saying that his clientele was only willing to pay $300 for this program that he was doing. And I said, The reason they’re only willing to pay $300 is that you’re presenting it like this is for spiritual growth, but you’re not getting to the core problem that they really need to be solved right now like, is their relationship falling apart? Are they feeling lost in life and they’re off purpose and it’s keeping them up at night? Like what is the core thing that is needing to be solved and at that point, they would be willing to pay you for it because it’s something they really, really, really want.

[5:17] And it has to be something concrete that’s going to keep them up at night. And then you have to get that testimonial-proof that it works. So, while you’re proving it you can charge less…$1500, $2,000, $3,000. And then once you have it down, then you can write your high-impact book that outlines your process and gives you the credibility you need to charge higher prices.

[5:44] So, 10 clients at $5,000 is $50,000.And then eventually if you’re able to scale to $10,000 and you have a 6-figure income. Once you’re making $20,000 to $30,000 a month or more
then you can add on more value. You can add live events and/or retreats.

And, you don’t have to. Not everyone wants to do that. So, it goes back to what do you want to do, what are you willing to do? What will you do? And the truth is not everyone want to make $1 million or wants to have a multi-million dollar business.

Maybe you just want enough to take summers off, or maybe you want to put your kid through college. Or, maybe you want more time to pursue other interests or travel. You can design your
business to suit you. And It doesn’t have to be complicated.

[6:34] But I have to say, I wish someone had told me this a decade ago. Once I hit 6 -figures, my business got complicated and exhausting and I didn’t know what to do. And I hung in and I kept searching but it was frustrating and it was hard, It was painful and I doubted myself all the time. I lost all my self-confidence.I kept asking, “What’s wrong with me? Why can’t I
figure this out?

I got angry at all the thousands of dollars I’d spent on coaching and none of it was working anymore. Again, I just didn’t understand that the market’s always changing.
I tried coaching myself since I was so good at coaching my clients but that doesn’t work because you can’t see your blind spots.

And nothing worked until I hit like a rock bottom and I decided I had to do something different and I signed up to work with a coach when I could least afford it which is exactly when you need it the most and that’ when I started investing in myself again and also deciding that I was going to learn more skills. I was going to learn what it took to do it a whole new way and so that’s what I did.

And that’s when it hit me! After studying with several different people I actually made the commitment in January of 2020,which was funny because Covid hit in April, but I was
already on the path to “Okay, this year I’m going to learn a lot.

[8:03] And so I figured out what I really needed to know to make my business work better. And I took a course on business, because when I started it was so easy. There wasn’t a lot of information out there.People were throwing money at me. I didn’t have to be good at marketing. So, I needed to know, what are the fundamentals of running a business, cause I’d always sort of run it by the seat of my pants and that clearly wasn’t working too well. After all these years, I was burnt out on doing that and it was chaotic.

[8:37] And then I thought, “Well, I do product launches all the time so I better learn to how to do product launches better so I took a course on that. And then I realized from taking courses that everybody has a different perspective. So there are people who will tell you, “Don’t’ write a book it’s not a big deal.”There are people who will tell you, “Oh yeah, you got to write a book.”

Some people will tell you webinars are the way to go. Other’s will say, “No, no, no, don’t do webinars do podcasts.” It’s ridiculous. You have to do what works for you. And I’ll say it again
and again, “What you like to do, what you’re willing to do, what you’re going to do.” And then you have to look at your results.

Is it working?

And if it’s not working do you need a coach who’s done that who can help you do it better? Or is it time to scrap it and do something else? And I have to say from my experience, I’ve learned that it’s always better to get the coaching if it’s something you really want to do, then just scrapping it.

But if you’re not real excite d about it then scrap it and do something else. But at that point, it hit me that I didn’t need to throw the baby out with the bathwater. I just needed to do some tweaks to overhaul of my business.

So, what I did was I went from doing challenges and bootcamps to now we’re turning it into an evergreen where people can come in at any time and they can go at their own pace.
You can write a book and do it in 3 days or you can do it in a month or 3 months-whatever is going to work for you. But just knowing that all I had to do was make the tweaks and understanding that no one person had the answer for me. The answer was what works for me, that was super liberating.

And I didn’t need to create more products.I just needed to focus on what I had and then make it work to its fullest potential.

[10:33] So, what I decided also to do was to go back to really getting the most out of my books because again, here I’m teaching people to do books and I’m looking at all these other ways to market and I was not fully marketing the books.

And so I thought, “Okay, this is crazy because I know that once you have a book you can use it in so many different ways to generate leads so you can speak and mention your book,and I’ve actually started doing that a lot more and I’m seeing the results in more book sales on Amazon.

You can do videos and teach what’s in your book. I saw one woman who’s been teaching what’s in the book on Tik Tok and selling 500-1,000 books a month. You can give your book away from social media posts. You can get media attention with a book. And it’s very difficult to get media attention if you don’t have a book.

But let me tell you, there was a fascinating case study this week, which is Chris Christie has a book that came out this week and he was on ALL the shows, all the political shows. They were fawning all over him, and they did a documentary on him and he only sold like 2500 books because people just weren’t buying what he was selling.It’s one thing to get that attention and yay, that’s great, but you’ve got to have the goods.

[12:04] And that’s what I teach people is how to write a bestseller because we’ve set it up that way, because we understand who your market is, what their problems are and
how to position it.

I recently taught this framework to a client of mine because he was saying the same thing I had gone through and I’ve seen several of my colleagues go through, which is adding more pieces, adding book clubs, and I don’t even know what else he was adding. Again, he was saying people are only going to pay $300 and I just said, “Stop, stop right now. Just don’t do this”
I explained the idea of using his book and a high-ticket offer and not creating any more low-cost add-ons.

Here’s what he said, “Moving us in the direction of a premium deal, that to me is big. Yeah, it just makes a lot of sense to me. So yeah, that’s a big thing So, this is good, so thank you so much, appreciate it.”

So, if this makes a lot of sense to you too, and you enjoyed what I was talking about today and you want to talk to me and my team about working with us more closely to create your high-impact book, we can help you to do more of this cool stuff in your business, then reach out and apply and I would love to
Get on a call with you. It’s


[13:30] And if you haven’t picked up your copy of the Rockstar Author’s Toolkit yet, be sure to grab it; its on the website at
You’ll get the checklist for writing your own book, for doing your own bestselling title for getting started marketing your book and also the Kindle planner
Again that’s at

So that’s it for this week. Next week, I’ll be talking about overcoming depression for entrepreneurs. so be sure to join us.
Till next time, Bye bye.

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