To be successful both in your book writing and in your business as a whole, you have to find what I call your unique you or “Profitable Core”.

And that is the essence of what you have to offer that people want and are looking for. It will be unique to you,   and it is the key to giving you the financial freedom that you want and deserve.

Most people don’t make money online, because they don’t have a “Profitable Core” – they don’t know what makes them unique and what will make people want to work with them and buy from them instead of anyone or everyone else in their niche. Instead, they try to buy turnkey systems that someone else created. And all that does is make the seller rich because they sell their system to a lot of people who are then all in competition with each and have nothing unique to make them stand out from the crowd.

Or, they go and they copy someone who’s already got a system and again they’re just a copycat.  So, what I recommend is to find a model that you like, but make it unique to you. And to do this you really need to figure out what it is that makes you special!

What makes you unique is:

  • Your inborn talents and skills
  • Your experiences
  • Your education
  • Your passion
  • Your personality
  • How you look
  • Your voice
  • Your personal style
  • Basically, all of who you are!

When you focus on these areas and figure out the best niche for you, based on your strengths, you have the best chance for success. And this is true whether you are online, offline or both. So, take some time to think about it and figure out what it is for you.

This article is an excerpt from the Books Business Abundance Podcast: Be Unique, How to Tap into What Makes You Special and Use it To Write Profitable Books and Build an Irresistible Brand (Passion & Skills) To listen to the training go to

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