There are some rules and restrictions you need to understand when you create another edition of an already published book. If the new edition has the same title and subtitle, there is no issue updating it. However, if you change it by 30% or more, you are required to get a new ISBN number for the print version. And if you change the title of the book and you have a print version, you cannot just upload it as a second edition as print titles cannot be changed once they are published.

I encountered this challenge when I updated the eBook-Writing Fast-Action Workbook. I wanted to change the title and make it part of a series called Real Easy eBooks(Real Easy eBooks Workbook, A Step-by-Step Guide To Take Your eBook From Idea to Bestseller (Just Fill In The Blanks) so I had to find a workaround. I also had another issue, which was that I had taken it to #1 on Amazon and I had reviews that I didn’t want to lose on the first one.

So, what I did, and what anyone can do, is to upload the new version on a new thread and in your description, let your potential buyers know that it is the same book as the earlier one only updated. You can also mention it in the description of the earlier book Kindle description. This is not necessary if you only publish a digital book as Kindle will let you change the title and/or subtitle in that case. But, if you are going to have a print book also, with two versions, you want to do everything you can to let your readers know that the newer version exists and how they can get it.

Otherwise, people may buy both and they aren’t going to be happy if they then see the books are pretty much the same. It will also confuse them. So, just make sure you are upfront, and then if they still get both, you can point out that you explained it in the descriptions.

Also, be sure that it is right upfront. Many people won’t read the whole description, so you don’t want it buried in the text. The more upfront you can be and the easier you make it to find the information, the more people will see it and appreciate that you made it clear because the goal is always to have happy, satisfied customers!

Ellen Violette is an award-winning book and business coach & Grammy-nominated songwriter, who works with creative visionaries who want to write a book because they have a tribe and following who are hungry and waiting for it, and want to open doors to bigger opportunities and make a bigger impact in the world.

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