Episode 116: 6 Ways to Convince Visitors to Stay On Your Website for More Sales with James Hipkin

April 6, 2022

In this episode, James shares why your website is the most important digital asset to own, and how to get visitors to stay and engage,  buy more books, products, programs, and/or services, and become customers for life! 

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FREEBIE Journey to Success: Digital Marketing for Small Business Owners
https://sixsecondsorless.com to get a free website audit.
You can also schedule a 20-minute meet-and-greet by going to https://VIPchatwithjames.com

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Your website might look great to you, but does it have what it takes to hook prospective customers within the first six seconds? That’s all the time we’ve got before that person we want to reach has already moved on. James Hipkin, website expert and digital marketer, identifies the key factors that drive successful business enterprises, large or small. It starts, of course, with a professionally designed, built, secured and hosted website. But, beyond that, what differentiates you, your product or service?

James explains his “hub-and-spoke” system, a step-by-step framework for building digital platforms that are cohesive, visually engaging, and compelling. The process includes delineating the demographic you’re trying to reach, the styles of communication that will be most effective, the pain points that exist, and how your business can turn that pain into gain.

Is your website working from the inside out? Are you securing trust and seeing repeat business? This episode of Books Open Doors® will help you determine whether your most important visual asset is serving you. Learn all about the critical set of tools every successful business needs, online and beyond!

Key Quotes

“The reality in today’s world is that your website is the most important visual asset that you actually own, followed by your email list. The rest of it is rented land and building your business on rented land is never a good idea.”-James

“Power comes from the connections. It’s not about doing more things. It’s about doing a few things really well and having them connected to each other.” -James

“Connection is what brings the power to digital marketing.” -James

“One of the lessons I’ve learned over time is: Do less, do it really well, and make it cohesive.”-Ellen

“Talk to your ideal clients. If you don’t have ideal clients, go hang out in groups where they are and start asking questions and listening to what they say to other people.”-Ellen

“The interest curve is a Bell Curve. It does not fall off instantaneously. After their first purchase, (customers) are looking for confirmation that they’ve made a good purchase and that you value their business.”-James

“If you can get them to click to the next layer, then you’ve achieved your goal. And you have to do it in six seconds or less.”-James

Key Takeaways

• Your most important real estate: Website and email. The rest is “rented land” and can be taken away.

• About James’ “hub-and-spoke” system: Digital marketing is made up of discrete instruments that comprise a cohesive whole.

o Your website is your home base.
o The tactics through which you communicate with prospects are spokes.
o The rim – which holds it all together – is your content and messaging strategy.

• More about each of the elements:
o Your website is generating content that your channels are delivering to your audience.
o Your audience has an opportunity to return to the website for additional value (“relationship equity” that converts a product from a name into a brand).
o Your messaging and content strategy (the rim) is disciplined and coherent, thus building a consistent voice and digital presence.

• Beware the Shiny Object: One of the biggest stumbling blocks to any enterprise is the human tendency to chase whatever new thing catches the eye.

• Beware Inside-Out Marketing: One of the most common mistakes James sees is websites that are “all about me,” rather than focusing on the micro-transactions and connections that build relationships with prospects.

• James encourages clients to create avatars for their key audience segments based on four quadrants:
o Upper Left: Demographics. What are they like in terms of age, gender, etc. Who are you trying to reach with which media?
o Upper Right: Attitudes. How do they think of things? Open, cynical, etc. How do you talk to the customer effectively?
o Lower Left: Pain. What exactly is the problem the customer is trying to solve?
o Lower Right: Gain. What help does the customer get? How are you resolving their pain point?

• James approaches the process as a journey:
o It’s initially about connecting to help the customer recognize and define what they need, which starts an ascension of interest (the top of your funnel).
o Once that need is understood and focus shifts to what services are required, the customer becomes a prospect. They are ready to make the first purchase.
o After that initial purchase is made, it’s important to recognize that the Bell Curve doesn’t drop off. You have another opportunity to reinforce and extend your “relationship equity.”

• The most important purchase isn’t the first purchase. It’s the second one, because after that your chances of repeat business improve exponentially.

• Six Seconds or Less: That’s the amount of time you have to capture the attention of a visitor to your website. Most important things to keep in mind?
o Speed. How quickly does it load? It’s a trust event.
o Consistency. Put your logo where people expect to see it, use colors deliberately.
o Provide a benefit-oriented reason to stay. Work outside-in: Illuminate problems, urgency, a sense of risk, then possible solutions. (Don’t lead with the solution.)
o Call to Action. Have multiple “learn more” or “discover here” opportunities.
o Delineate offerings and speak to each segment of your target audience.
o Ensure that your webpages are friendly and the visual hierarchy clear: Lots of white space, narrow columns, plenty of visually compelling images.
o Provide landing pages for credentials and testimonials, clear reasons to believe that are reserved until after a prospect has been engaged.

• The journey (whether selling a service or selling yourself as a podcast guest) has to start with an authentic connection and differentiation first, further steps after.

• Don’t try to boil the ocean. Pick a few things to focus on. Nurture what works and stop doing what doesn’t

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