“People think the world is made up of haves and have not, but it isn’t. It is made up of will and will nots.”-Larry Winget, Take The Stage Virtual Event 2020

Around 2000, I became very ill. Everything I ate was turning toxic in my body, I stopped eating. I lost 30 pounds in a month and I was dying. Ironically, I was under the care of a wholistic M.D. for general health when this happened. He wanted to put me in the hospital and feed me introveneously. My husband and I looked at him like he was insane. Why would I want to be fed intraveneously what was turning toxic in my body?

We didn’t know what I was suffering from and I was too sick to even do the research, to find out, but luckily, my husband was determined to save my life. So, he got online and found  Dr. Sherry Rogers M.D. We were ecstatic, because Dr. Rogers described me to a T; we finally had a diagnosis. It was environmental illness. I had so much toxicity in my body that I had become allergic to food, perfumes, chemicals, synthetic clothing-everything. It was a nightmare. But, now we had hope!

So, we reached out to her and found out that she wasn’t seeing patients anymore, which was very disappointing, but she had written several books, including “Detoxify or Die” and “Tired or Toxic?” that she recommended. We bought the books and found another doctor who was familiar with her protocol, and my healing began with Christen’s help and support.

But, what would have happened if she had never written those books? If we hadn’t found out what was killing me? Would I have survived? I doubt it. And this was BEFORE I started my online business. Before, I helped hundreds of authors personally write their books, and before I helped author after author become a #1 bestselling author and get their message out in the world, before I helped thousands around the world with my podcast and my videos. and my talks!

How many amazing messages would have been lost? How many thousands and hundreds of thousands, maybe millions would not have gotten the help they needed that was buried in unwritten books? So, I’m eternally grateful that Dr. Rogers was willing to put in the work, write the books, and get her message out to the world. Because it’s not the haves or the have nots it the will or the will nots.

Which are you?

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Ellen Violette helps busy creative visionaries and speakers write, publish, launch to #1 bestseller, and market their book to get more clients, make more money, make a bigger impact, and leave a legacy. She is an award-winning book and business coach, podcast host, author of several #1 bestsellers herself, CEO of Create a Splash Marketing & Grammy-nominated songwriter.