Many aspiring authors think that writing a book is hard and takes too long so they procrastinate on getting started. But it doesn’t have to be.

I’ve been teaching coaches, content creators, creative entrepreneurs, speakers and consultants how to write a book the fast and easy way since 2004.

In this article, I’m going to share five of my best strategies to simplify the process for you.

1. Decide the best way to write your book. If you are not comfortable writing, talk your book, if you are, then write it. Do what works for YOU and stop worrying about how other people do it or what is “the best way”. There is no best way, only what works for you!

2. Many book coaches suggest doing a brain dump first. I do NOT let my clients do a brain dump before writing their books. Doing a brain dump gives you disjointed bits and pieces that will do nothing but overwhelm you.

3. Create your outline. This is a crucial step that many authors skip because they think they don’t need it. They’re wrong. Your outline is your roadmap to easy success. When you write down each chapter heading and each major point you want to make in each chapter, you can see clearly what needs to go into your book and what should be left out.

Many authors try to skip this step and it doesn’t end well. I was recently speaking to a colleague who had tried to write his book without an outline and quickly found himself lost. I asked him why he tried to do it without an outline, he said that he thought he had it laid out in his head. But, once he started writing, he realized that he needed a lot more detail planned out than he had realized. You need to create an outline before you write your book, period.

4. Don’t do book research before you writing your book, it’s a colossal waste of time. When you do book research before you write your book, you’re guessing at what you are going to need, and chances are you will not need most of it. So, wait until after you write what you already know will be in the book, and then do the research for specifically what you need.

5. Hire a professional to write your chapter headings. Many authors struggle to write a bestseller title for their book. But writing a title is only the beginning. You also need exciting titles for each chapter so your readers want to continue to reach chapter after chapter. And if this is not a strong suit for you, it can take a long time for you to write them. And even then, you may not do a good job. It’s also a great idea if you just want to save time.

I was under a deadline when I wrote Sell More eBooks Low & No Cost Tactics to EXPLODE Your eBook Sales and Downloads with Jim Edwards, so I hired another copywriter to write the ones that didn’t come quickly to me. It was such a time-saver. So, think about it. It will take a lot of pressure off and when you hire a professional it could increase book sales!

Follow these 5 do’s and don’t and your book-writing will go a lot faster and smoother.

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