From the Books Business Abundance Podcast with publicity expert, Nancy Juetten and author of Bye Bye Boring Bio (free gift)

What advice would you give people to get started writing a great bio?

Nancy: One is decide what you need right now, because sometimes, you need clients, sometimes, you need speaking engagements, and sometimes, you want to be featured in the media, and not all bios are created equal. So, you want to start first with the end in mind. So decide what you need right now. So, for today’s purposes, let’s decide that you want clients.

The second step in the process is to reflect on the who, the how and the wow, and this isn’t you, the who, the who is who is this for? How will it help people? And what is the wow that they get when they’re lucky enough to work with you? Then you want to prove your value and impact. So, that’s where you share your credentials, your experience, your awards, your recognition, your media credits, and your testimonials.

And you want to take the best and leave the rest. And then, you can add some personality. That’s the fourth step. And then, the fifth step is to prepare just the right-size message for the right situation, because your Twitter profile and your Facebook profile allow just a certain number of characters for you to speak your truth. Your “About me page” on your website gives you a lot more latitude. What you say on LinkedIn, maybe slightly different, so, you want to be prepared-the the right bio for the right situation.

And then, if you’re going to be on a podcast, I’m a big fan of having a fifty-word and a hundred-word bio written in the third person.

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