Books Open Doors Insights #18: Why it’s Crazy to Put Off Writing Your Book

July 20, 2021

In this episode, award-winning Book Strategist, Ellen Violette, shares why top experts write books and how anyone can benefit from writing a book NOW, regardless of what stage of business they are in! She busts through the misconceptions that keep mission-driven speakers, coaches, consultants, and founders from taking action and writing a book!  And she shares real-life examples of transformation. If you have a business and you want to make a bigger impact and more money, don’t miss this episode!

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3 Key Points

It doesn’t matter what stage of business you are at, a book will take it to the next level.

Top experts continue to write books (after their first one) because they work!

Books are high-value low- or free-entry products that build your business for you.


Welcome to Books Open Doors Insights #18

Today I want to talk about why it’s crazy to put off writing a book!

Too many speakers, coaches, consultants, and founders don’t think they know enough or have enough experience to write a book yet. Or, they think they are too busy to write a book,  ut by not writing a book is the biggest mistakes that you can make right now.

Here’s why…

[0:29] A book makes you an authority. So many experts think, or so many who want to be experts think, that they have to be the authority first and then they’re going to write the book, but it doesn’t always work that way because when you write a book it makes you an authority.

“Author” comes from the word  “authority”, so when you write a book, you are sharing information about your topic and that makes you an authority on the topic in the eyes of your audience. People look up to authors. So, while 81% of people say they want to write a book, less than 1-2% ever will.

[1:03] And that gives you amazing credibility and increases your image in the eyes of your industry as well, which helps you make a bigger impact and more money. It also helps you solidify what you know and it also helps you get better at teaching what you know as well as delivering your message when you speak, if you’re a speaker.

And no matter how much noise there is in the marketplace if you know how to connect with your audience and solve the problems that’s keeping them up at night, you are always in demand. And because of a book can change your entire business from where you are to where you want to be, so your book is your magic ticket to success.

[1:52] And  I can’t tell you how many times I’ve worked with a client and watched their lives transform. And I’ve not just seen it with my own clients but I see it all the time with extraordinarily successful entrepreneurs like Gary Keller.

Gary Keller is the author of The One Thing and the founder of Keller Williams Realty a multi-million-dollar company. And Keller’s company wasn’t getting the respect of the top people in his industry, so he went to his team and he asked them to make a list of the top 100 things they could do to change that. And once they did that Then he asked them to whittle the list down to the top 10. And finally, he asked them, “What is the one thing they could do that would change everything?”

[2:41] And the one thing that they decided was the biggest thing that one thing was that was the biggest mover and shaker for their business was to write a book. And so, he wrote The One Thing, which has now sold millions of copies, spawned a series of books, and catapulted Keller to the top of his industry.

Or, Russell Brunson. I just got an email this morning for a new book that Russell had written, and he’s giving it away as a PDF right now. Russell makes millions of dollars with his software, ClickFunnels(TM), millions, from private clients, and more from Funnel Scripts and other products that he has and yet he keeps writing new books.

[3:20] So, why do you think that is?

I would say it’s because books are the gateway to his millions of dollars. It’s the gateway to his offers. And a book is a high-value low or no-cost offer that bring potential buyers into his marketing funnels where he can then sell them into his other offers that make him millions over time.

[3:45] But if you’re thinking, “Well that’s great for Gary Keller or Russell Brunson, but hey, what about me?

Well, first of all, everybody starts at the beginning. Nobody starts being a multi-millionaire, nobody starts being a media superstar. We all started from the beginning. And the truth is that it doesn’t matter where you are in your business cycle, a book is going to change your business and your life regardless of where you are.

And that’s why I continue to write books. I’ve written nine books now. Obviously, when I wrote the first one, I was new to business. But now, I’m very established and I’m still writing books and there’s a reason for that. It’s because they work.

[4:27] So, I actually wrote my first book before I started my business because I knew I wanted to write books. That was actually the first thing I thought I was going to do was just write books. That was before I learned that you don’t make a lot of money from the books, you make the money from what’s in the books. But I wanted to learn the process and I got to tell you it was not easy.There was not a lot of information out there at the time. There were no book coaches that I could find. And I learned how to do it from a book and that was very difficult.

I really wanted coaching. I wanted help. And so, I finally hired a regular coach and that was just not great because he didn’t have a system. So, I would make mistakes and then we would fix them, and it was costing me a lot of money, which was stressing me out and I was not happy.

[5:20] But the thing is that once I learned how to write a book from writing that first book, and knew that I was going to be creating a system for writing books, that’s when I then wrote my second book. And I used that book as a lead magnet to get my ideal audience to a free masterclass, and from there I sold them into my first Write Your Bestseller in 7 Days Bootcamp. It wasn’t called that in those days but that’s what it was. And I built my email list very quickly to over 1600 people with that book, and I was instantly in business.

[5:55] So, you may be at a different point in your business, but I can tell you it doesn’t matter. Wherever you are in your business, I’m urging you to write a book now, because people look at you differently.

Doors open to more opportunities.

And here are some examples:

[6:11] Jackie Ruka, who wrote her book, Get Happy and Create a Kick-Butt Life! A Creative Toolbox to Rapidly Activate the Life You Desire was written the Write Your Bestseller in 7 Days Bootcamp. Jackie is a happiness expert and after writing her book, she landed a magazine cover almost immediately, and she has done more since them. And that book has been her calling card now since 2014.

So imagine…I know for me, like I took a course on podcasting in 2007 and I did nothing with it for over a decade. And boy, let me tell you, when I finally decided to start my podcast, I was kicking myself. So, look at Jackie. She’s been using her book as a calling card since 2014. And she’s now helped over 100,000 people learn to be happier. That’s pretty powerful!

[7:04] So, how many people are you not helping because you haven’t written that book? In Jackie’s case, she had such amazing results that she actually ended up gifting my Bootcamp to her mom so she could write a book too!

[7:16] Then there’s my client Andrew Rey. He wanted to speak and he wasn’t getting any offers to be on stages. So, we worked together and within a couple months of getting his book done, he was on his first stage speaking at a summit.

[7:29] Or, Dennis G Shaver, he’s a corporate consultant. After publishing his book with us, he was going to a conference and the person running the conference was Kevin Harrington, and what Dennis decided to do was just. carry his book under his arm and hope that Kevin would see it, like it and it would start a relationship between them and that’s exactly what happened. Kevin invited him up on stage and they talked about his book, and (Kevin became his mentor). He then ended up getting an all-expense-paid trip to Singapore to speak. And now he’s making even more money from his consulting.

[8:06] Or Christopher Lochhead who, after writing his book, spoke at a conference where another speaker was none other than the President, Barack Obama. And Christopher has gone to beextremely successful as a podcast. He was already successful before he wrote the book, and he had written another book with some other people before that. But it still catapulted him to
his next level.

[8:30] Now of course, not every speaker, consultant, coach, founder is going to get those kinds of results from writing a book. But every author will benefit from writing a book because a book will open doors to more opportunities regardless of what level you’re at.

But as I mentioned at the beginning, there’s a fallacy and that’s that  too many speakers, coaches, consultants and founders, think that it’s going to be too time-consuming or difficult to write a book so they keep putting it off.

[9:02] But, what if I told you that it doesn’t have to be that way?

And I know because I created a PROVEN system that I’ve used and have taught to hundreds of authors to use since 2004, so I know it works! And I get amazing testimonials  and there’s 5 steps just to get you from coming up with your idea to creating your outline, which is going to be your roadmap for a #1 bestseller.

[9:30] So, here’s the thing… you can wait and kick yourself that you get in now, or you can take action and join my FREE 5 Day Bestseller Breakthrough Challenge
where I will give you the step by step blueprint that I teach all my clients and students to making your book a reality!

It starts Monday July 26th and every day you will get training and then you’re going to get a live Q & A,  and then you’ll be given an assignment to complete and by day 5 you will have your outline done, ready to write your own bestseller, make a bigger impact, make more money and leave a lasting legacy.

So, you will see for yourself in 5 days with just a few hours of your time that this is very doable. It doesn’t have to take you months. It doesn’t have to take you years to write a book.

[10:27] So, if you see the value in this…

If you see how a book could really change your business and your life, then I want you to go to and register now. (It’s FREE!)

There will be daily cash prizes as well as Slam Dunk Completion prizes with one Grand Prize winner to be announced after the Challenge.

And I’m going to be coming in here and doing some trainings all week long because this really is the one thing you could do right now that is going to change your life.

So, you can go to and register now.

I highly suggest that you do it now because we are doing. Pre-event trainings. These are extra in-depth trainings and the next one we’re going to do is this Thursday, I believe that’s July 22nd. And we are going to talk about Imposter Syndrome. And believe me, every… well, I won’t say everybody, but a lot of people have it, even people who are very successful at what they do so if you feel like maybe you’re not good enough, maybe you don’t know enough, maybe it’s not time yet,

Please go to

Register now and join us for the free pre-challenge training on Imposter Syndrome, How to Tame You’re Limiting beliefs to live your Best Life.

Okay, so that’s it for now.

Till next time,



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